What separates one broker-dealer from the rest?

Through our innovation, creative planning, financial vision and operational expertise, AISG has become regarded as a top independent broker-dealer in the nation.

At American Independent Securities Group, we do more than provide our independent advisors with access to tools, expertise and education to help their clients achieve their financial goals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to individuality.


At large warehouse firms, it’s easy to become just another number. When you choose AISG, you choose one-on-one contact with AISG’s experts. You become an integral part of our established community of advisors.


We believe in the power of networking. However, because our staff is always respectful of your time and personal business goals, it allows you to retain your independence and run your business how you choose.


We’re simply here to help. We help you navigate your business through complex regulatory requirements, so you can concentrate on what you do best—assisting your clients in meeting their financial goals.


AISG does not limit you to a proprietary platform. We offer a large array of products and are here to help you find what best meets your client’s objectives.


AISG is committed to a strategy of steady, measured growth. There are no shortcuts in a culture where transparency is strength. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of open communication, ensuring our longevity and the quality of service we provide.