Join AISG and take your practice to the next level.

Although transitioning to an independent broker-dealer is one of the biggest decisions you will make, setting up your practice with American Independent Securities Group is simple and straightforward.  

Our goal is to make the transition process as pleasant and efficient as possible by providing the guidance, information and support you need.

Step 1: Let's talk—Why AISG is the right choice for you

At AISG, we take the time to learn about your business and brainstorm unique ways to help you fulfill your goals. We discuss our vision and how its positive impact helps grow your business. We recommend a visit to our main office in Eagle, Idaho, located just outside of Boise, to meet our staff, preview our technology and get to know how our compliance tools and processes are implemented to help keep your business safe.

Step 2: Planning out your transfer

Once our compliance team has received your signed letter of intent we start laying the stepping stones toward registering with AISG. Here are a few of the details and paperwork items we help you accomplish ahead of time.

  • Complete your registration kit
  • Prepare your insurance appointment paperwork
  • Begin designing your business cards and letterhead
  • Create an announcement letter

Step 3: Make the Switch

On the day you submit your resignation letter, we will finalize your registration with AISG and begin processing your appointment paperwork. Your announcement letters will be mailed and you can begin preparing your clients’ transfer paperwork.

Step 4: Growing with AISG

Now that you are a registered AISG advisor, let us help you train your staff. They will get an in-depth session on our technology and the required documents for client accounts. Your designated transition team member will continue to work alongside you to ensure that 100% of your business is transferred as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With AISG, being an independent advisor does not mean being isolated. We have built a community of advisors and assembled an array of products with one common goal: Helping your clients succeed.

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